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Above the Standard Procure Franchise

Above the Standard Procure Franchise Information

Above the Standard Procure Franchise Start-Up Costs


Above the Standard Procurement Group Inc. provides outsourced procurement, purchasing and cost reduction services to businesses ranging in gross revenues beginning at $500,000. Our franchise business owners reduce costs and improve the cash flow of business clients without jeopardizing quality. Our President and CEO, Ted Landgraf, has been active in developing these business services over the past thirty years culminating in the development of this business model which is now available for franchising.

Our franchise business owners appreciate key differences between ATSPG and other business consulting models.

Franchisees own a protected territory and have the ability to develop a long term relationship with their clients through the breadth of the services that they offer and by doing so develop long term relationships with their clients. Our franchise business owners are trained and supported in providing services in a wide variety of procurement, purchasing and cost reduction areas. This is a true franchise business ownership model with each Franchisee having the ability to sell or transfer their business.

Additionally, our franchise business owners book their appointments through an appointment company which qualifies the business lead and schedules the initial meeting. There is no need for cold calling or meaningless prospecting on the part of the ATSPG franchise business owner. This translates into a much quicker time for the Franchisee to get their business up and running.

We have qualified Franchisees

  • All of our Franchisee's go through one of the most intense and focused procurement trainings as well as continued training and certification. This training is conducted by Ted Landgraf who has been conducting procurement for many years, and adheres to the strictest procedures, policies, ethics, and systematic ways. This five day hands on training class certifies our Franchisee's to market, sell, and render procurement outsourcing and procurement services. This class is mandatory and attended by all of our Franchisee's. After this we provide regular and on-going training in all areas via conference call, in-person, annual training, and in the field. Each Franchisee is recertified each year.
  • We only select, train, and develop Franchisee's who understand people and care about people first above all other areas. This helps provide PERSONALIZED SERVICE to all individuals who come in contact with us. Each Franchisee agrees to share and follow our ethics, commitments, quality, customer service, honesty, integrity, and values.
  • Each Franchisee has a defined and exclusive territory so that they can provide world-class, long-term service to only those people and companies in their area.
  • Each Franchisee is in business for themselves, but not by themselves. We provide the most comprehensive best practices, SOPs, sales and marketing tools, training, class room training, communication, customer relations management, targeted buyers (we match you with the Franchisee who will take you through the entire process), and a host of many other areas that help our Franchisee's succeed so that they can provide solutions for you, with personalized service, for years to come.
  • All of our Franchisee's agree in their contract and continual service to each client to adhere to the highest ethical and performance standards.
  • Franchisee's have access to the latest and best services, techniques, and products.
  • Our professional, easy to follow, and simple brochures and website educate and inform you so that you have a complete understanding of what we do and how we benefit our clients.
  • A company that offers PERSONALIZE SERVICE to you at all levels at our first meeting, during our no cost assessment, from the beginning of the procurement project to the end, after the project, with new projects, and for years to come.
  • Question and answers are available via our website, by phone call, and/or by email.
  • Each Franchisee follows our presentation book and procedures that takes you through step by step slides, information, and the benefits (no pressure selling).

Above the Standard Procurement Group Franchise Each Franchisee owns the Vision

  • We are committed to seeing each of our clients get more for their bottom line, along with increased efficiency, and long-term beneficial business relationship. With helping each of our clients, more available revenue and streamlined procurement takes place.
  • Everyone in our company matters and are committed to helping each company's core competencies one project at a time. With our Franchisee network of procurement experts, our team is the key to your success in delivering the industry's finest services and products.
  • Partnering with us, whether as a client, employee, affiliate, partner, or Franchisee, creates a win-win financially for you, our nation, and business.

Support & Training

Above the Standard Procurement Group

  • Financial Assistance: Third Party
  • Site Selection Assistance: No
  • Lease Negotiation Assistance: No
  • Co-op Advertising: No
  • Training: Five day in depth formal training at Company headquarters in Maryland with full back office web site support consisting of proprietary information and processes for the execution of RFP's, a national vendor network as premier partners in cost reduction efforts and designated support companies for ongoing training and education.



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