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Career Agent Network Franchise

Career Agent Network Franchise Information

Career Agent Network Franchise Start-Up Costs


We take full advantage of changing times. We don't look back, we look forward. Career Agents Network targets the high-growth industries of today that continue to have labor shortages and inefficiencies. Before the companies in these industries stop rapidly expanding and hiring, we move on to the next key area of job growth. We all know that our labor force is changing and Career Agents Network embraces and profits from that change. Yes, we earn our living from simply matching qualified employees to high-demand and specialized job positions. And when the economy changes, we change right along with it.

Recruiting Fees

How many recruiting fees like these would it take you to reach your target income goal?

Many specialized industries are still struggling to find qualified employees. Currently we are placing clients in "hot" industries such as:
  • Renewable Energy
  • Healthcare and Medical
  • Health IT and Health Information Management
  • Credit and Collections
  • Software Development
Healthcare Recruiting has been strong for years, and continues to be the hottest market to recruit in. Shortages of doctors, nurses, and pharmacists are well documented with tightening supply and growing demand for healthcare as "baby-boomers" age, forcing healthcare employers to pay substantial fees to have the right workers recruited. Renewable Energy is another "hot" market right now and today's economic environment has produced a strong demand Credit Collection specialists.

When we place someone in these fields, we typically collect a fee between 20-30% of the candidate's first-year salary, so a $120,000 position generates a fee of $24,000 to $36,000.

Career Agents Network provides you with the knowledge you'll need to be effective. We teach you all the terms, titles and skills associated with all of the fast-growing industries we train on like healthcare, medical, health IT and alternative energy.

Unlike traditional recruiters that sell jobs to candidates, you will "flip" the process, using online marketing, revolutionary software and our "Agent" approach to find ideal career moves for the in-demand candidates you represent.

What does it take to become a Career Agent?

For $29,900 the Career Agent receives everything they need to launch a business with tremendous earning potential and great work/life balance, including:
  • More than 100 hours of Recruiting Operations Training, completed over a 30-40 day period
  • Targeted on-site training
  • Specific training on recruiting in any high-growth industry
  • Mentor Program: an experienced Member accelerates your Start-Up
  • Member Offices Support: detailed and comprehensive instruction and guidance
  • Software Support: cutting-edge data extraction software for gathering contact information on candidates and employers
  • Contracts, operational forms, recruiting presentations and scripts
  • Complete website, logo and comprehensive marketing materials
  • Online marketing tools to drive potential candidates to your website
  • Ongoing advanced and supplemental training
Forget about the downtrodden industry you're leaving, you can be recruiting in-demand professionals in just a few weeks. We'll teach you everything you need to know and provide you with powerful software to place in-demand talent, where recruiting fees of $15,000 to $30,000 happen every day.

For now, don't try to decide whether this is something you want to do. Simply ask yourself if recruiting in a high growth industry is something you want to investigate further.

For more information and access to Career Agents Network Affiliates who are working with employers and clients in these high growth industries every day, simply provide us with your contact information.

Career Agents Network



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