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Fitness Together Franchise

Fitness Together Franchise Information

Fitness Together Franchise Start-Up Costs

• Liquid Capital Required

• Total Capital Investment
   $125,000 - $175.000

Financing Available
• Third Party Financing Available


Fitness Together Franchise Image 1 
Fitness Together is the Worlds Largest Personal Training Organization. Our national franchise company offers two business models: FT - Gold locations starting at $75,000 and FT - Platinum locations starting at $176,000. Our franchise is made up of a diverse group with three things in common: A desire to help people, an interest in fitness, and the entrepreneurial spirit. Using our proven business model, we have helped many people achieve the dream of opening their own personal training studio. Make your dream a reality with Fitness Together.

Fitness Together (FT) was founded by Rick Sikorski in 1983 in Scottsdale, Arizona. FT is now the largest personal training organization in the world. Our program offers unique personalized fitness training for men and women ranging from fifteen to eighty years of age. In the privacy of individual suites, our clients work with their own personal trainer to achieve mutually established fitness goals.

If you are a professional who needs a change, a fitness enthusiast, a parent whose children are off to college, or a personal trainer who wants to move from your producer role to one of leadership, our Fitness Together franchise opportunity may be a perfect fit.

Benefits of using our franchised model:
Franchising provides a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to open their own businesses. By purchasing the right to use a proven system developed by someone else, you are able to benefit from experience of others to avoid the difficult learning curve of building a successful business. Let us help you grow your business quickly, efficiently, and in a direction that will allow you to succeed.

Lease negotiation - After 20 years of dealing with building agents and owners, we are confident in our ability to protect your interests in negotiating a favorable lease. Agents are working for a commission and may not push as hard for you as they need. Many people, who are not experts in the area of leasing and lease negotiation often end up paying much more than they need to with little or no concessions.

Studio start-up - With over 70 items to take care of prior to opening the studio, it is very difficult if not overwhelming for people to continue with their daily lives while preparing to open a studio. When you buy a Fitness Together franchise our staff will work with you to make the entire process easy. From obtaining licenses and permits to advance advertising, we are there to support you.

Owner's manual - After 20 years of operating personal training studios, we have created a very helpful manual for owners. This reference book will act as your blue print to success, giving you tips, strategies, and systems that are proven to work.

Manager's manual - This book allows you quick access to the specific manager tasks to be done daily, weekly, and monthly. As you grow into a pure leadership role, and perhaps add more locations, this manual will provide your managers with the right tools to manage the studio well.

Advertising - With 20 years of experience we can help you in knowing what to do to build your business quickly. Without some assistance it will become very costly to experiment with many advertising strategies in your area. In addition, we have spent thousands of dollars to have a startup advertising campaign prepared for you. The fees for models, design, layout, photography, and creativity have already been paid. All new franchise owners will be provided with a quality twelve-month advertising plan.

Marketing - Referral cards, strategic business partnerships, trainer incentives, and other marketing programs have been created and tested to increase your client base and will be included in your training.

Test Marketing - We continue to test ideas and strategies at two or three test locations in order to provide all of our franchise locations with the latest and most effective methods of growing their business.

Save money in negotiations - Many areas of business involve negotiations. We will help you save money in startup costs, insurance, advertising contracts, employee costs and in many other areas.

Employee issues - Whom to hire, how many to hire, how to keep them, non-compete agreements… The issues of having employees can be very challenging. We have a very successful Grow and Go program in place that we will share with you and allow your staff to participate in. This program builds loyalty to you as the owner and to Fitness Together as a company. Many people who open a studio on their own use independent contractors. This is the last thing we want to do. In your training, you will learn important information about employee issues and the best way to handle them.

Franchise school - During your training program, you will be taken through the important issues in running a business. All aspects of the Fitness Together program are systemized to make it easy for you. Hundreds of hours of trial and error over the last 20 years have resulted in what we feel is a comprehensive training program complete with practical experience at an existing Fitness Together studio.

Monthly newsletter - the corporate office takes the time to prepare a newsletter each month with training tips, nutritional tips, and recipes. We prepare it for you so you can focus on growing your business.

Toll free help line - we want to help you. Call us toll free with the questions that you need answers to. It is comforting to know that with a quick call you can talk to someone with 20 years of experience to give you an opinion, a strategy, or a little encouragement.

Customized software - Our Fitness Together software allows you to accurately track client sessions, client data, and stay organized. We can even print weekly reports providing clients' Birthdays, Anniversaries, and much other information.

Nationwide locations - We have locations throughout the United States and are growing into International markets. Client referrals, movement of clients, and our overall image continues to grow. Being part of a bigger picture adds credibility, increases the employment and growth opportunities, and can be exciting as you compete for top honors.

Internet exposure - Our state of the art website adds an essential element to our growth, by connecting prospective clients to a studio in their area.

Studio layout - Our CAD system will give you computerized drawings to help you choose the best, most efficient size and layout for your studio. We will also advise you on the best size given the cost per square foot.

Site selection - When you buy a Fitness Together franchise, we will do demographic studies in the area you want to operate. We will compare the numbers to those in our top ten locations to help you choose the best location for your personal training studio. We take the guesswork out of the site selection process.

In making the decision whether to purchase a Fitness Together franchise or to create your own studio, we ask you to carefully consider the benefits above. We have confidence in our program because we have watched it work successfully over time.



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