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LabXpress Franchise

LabXpress Franchise Information

LabXpress Franchise Start-Up Costs


Own your own Medical Laboratory

LabXpress™ is a franchise opportunity in the high-margin, high growth medical laboratory testing industry.

The healthcare industry is changing, and in today’s market conditions consumers as well as medical professionals want more information than ever, along with faster results. LabXpress™ provides a safe, clean, customer friendly and a low cost environment where efficiency and convenience serve the needs of all parties involved.

With decades of experience, LabXpress™ has thrived by giving consumers direct access to laboratory tests. Your franchise will provide consumers with direct access, allowing patients to walk in and order any test they want.

  • Own your own medical laboratory
  • We provide all the expertise
  • Qualified medical professionals
  • An exceptional opportunity
  • Same day Xpress test turnaround
  • Revenue Streams

You will own a leading medical laboratory testing provider. It is a service your community needs and
wants, making it a company that you can promote and grow. One of the unique features of a LabXpress™ franchise, is the growth you can have within your service area. First you open with one laboratory, then immediately add three Patient Service Centers (PSCs). As these sites grow you can affordably turn the highest volume site into your second lab, build more PSCs and keep growing.

You won’t be in business alone; the people behind you at LabXpress™ are the best in the industry. We will be developing new techniques, researching more efficient equipment as well as obtaining new access to payment plans to help you succeed. You have a team of experienced laboratory experts behind you.

As a LabXpress™ franchisee your advantage in the medical testing laboratory industry is fast service, great customer service, and flexibility. Like most innovative businesses you will be meeting the needs of doctors and patients, getting them the information they need in a very timely manner.

Scott Farrell, President of LabXpress™, has spent decades developing a model for the decentralized medical laboratory. He personally operates seven locations in Arizona and consistently grows his company. Now he is sharing his proven way of doing business with franchisees across the country. With a LabXpress™ franchise you benefit from years of experience in the business and a unique niche in this multi billion-dollar industry. With all of the competitive advantages built into your own LabXpress™ franchise, you will be well positioned for success.

We Provide the Expertise
Over the years LabXpress™ has gone through the complex process of regulation and reimbursement systems multiple times and will be there with you to make sure your experience is a complete turn-key process for your first laboratory. We will also provide as much support as you desire for your second laboratory and beyond.

With the support of experts, you don’t have to be an expert in laboratories. Our team is there to support you in learning to run and market your company. We have developed the complete process and will train you and your staff as well as work with our equipment manufacturers to train your staff in the latest technologies.

An Exceptional Opportunity
With a LabXpress™ franchise you instantly own an operation that is designed to generate revenues in mulitiple ways. The franchise is crafted in a way to instantly become a major factor in your market area. With all of the competitive advantages that LabXpress™ provides you over the centralized national laboratories, your success is well within reach.

Once you get your franchise established there is no reason to be chained to the job. Properly staffed LabXpress™ franchises should nearly run themselves, requiring you to only serve in a marketing/ supervisory/ managerial role. This is a business designed to work for you, not one that you work for. With LabXpress™ you’re not buying a job, you’re buying an exceptional business opportunity!

  • Enterprise Version Franchise Fee:
    $180,000+ (1 Laboratory and 4 “Draw Sites”)
  • Additional Funds/Working
    Capital: $150,000 - $250,000
  • Total Initial Investment:
    $911,900 - $1,234,500
  • Royalty Fees: 5%
  • Advertising Fees: 5%
  • Population Per Unit: 1,000,000

Are you ready to tap into this growing market? Please complete the form below for more information about LabXpress franchise opportunities.



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