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Life Success Publishing Franchise

Life Success Publishing Franchise Information

Life Success Publishing Franchise Start-Up Costs

• Liquid Capital Required

Financing Available
• Yes

Support &Training
• Yes


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Ever thought of writing a book? Nearly 80% of Americans have, and that's where we come in. LifeSuccess Publishing is a unique global consulting firm, that brings comphrehensive marketing and business coaching expertise, based on "selling the individual", to professionals and small business owners. We offer professionals and business owners a simple, turnkey method for becoming a published author, along with a complete step by step system that maximizes their book as a powerful marketing platform and driver of sales growth.

Concept Defined
Due to intense interest in the great success and future growth of LifeSuccess Publishing, we are offering franchise business opportunities to qualified individuals. We are committed to rapidly expanding our client base through developing a strong franchise network of partners who will offer our custom book publishing and other consulting services to small business owners, entrepreneurs, and self-employed professionals in their territories.

LifeSuccess has developed a proprietary system that allows people in our target demographic to become published authors. Our Author Mentorship Program offers a complete marketing package of 72 different items, including, title, cover design, ghostwriting the book, layout, marketing materials, media training and coaching, sponsorship coaching to get your book paid for, distribution of your book and a host of other services. We not only help you get the book, we assist you in getting rid of the book.

Whatever your goal in writing a book, attracting customers, becoming a media personality or speaker, starting a coaching business etc: we show you how use the book to leverage your brand.

We offer a protected territory to Franchisees, leads to locate authors, complete support and training, and the opportunity to work with some of the top marketing people in the world, like Bob Proctor from the hit documentary, "The Secret".

We have grown from 35 to nearly 300 authors in 18 months. This concept works, and you can sell a book deal anywhere in the world.

A Franchise Opportunity
LifeSuccess Publishing is a unique global consulting firm, that brings comphrehensive marketing and business coaching expertise, based on "selling the individual", to professionals and small business owners. We offer professionals and business owners a simple, turnkey method for becoming a published author along with a complete step-by-step system that maximizes their book as a powerful marketing platform and driver of sales growth.

Market Opportunity:
Several new realities have created an impasse between businesses and prospective customers. These realities go unperceived by the vast majority of business people. Sales and marketing proceed according to old rules to an old game. But consumers aren't playing that game anymore.

  • The Consumer Mindset Has Changed. When it comes to sales people and marketing messages, consumers are skeptical. They demand more from those they spend their hard-earned money on, and are more careful and discriminating about the businesses they choose to patronize.
  • The Old Lessons Are Wrong. Chasing customers, cold calling, and manipulating prospects--the essence of the "old school" hard sales approach--is obsolete. Consumers have their own ideas about what they want, and no longer accept being "sold to".
  • Traditional Advertising and Marketing No Longer Works. What worked in the past is no longer effective. Although advertising and marketing costs are going up, and the need for advertising and marketing is greater than ever, results are going down.
  • Businesses and Professionals Must Be Customer/Client Centric. Most companies and professionals focus their marketing messages on themselves: their products, their credentials, their experience. But consumers don't care what a business has to say about itself. There's a huge disconnect in the market.
  • Everyone and Everything Is A Commodity. To consumers, any business and any professional looks just like any other business or professional in the same industry, product category, or service sector. Customers don't have the time, energy, or interest to do all the work it takes to discover who is good and who really cares about them.
  • Lost in the Clutter. Given current marketing conditions, businesses and professionals are challenged to be seen regularly by their customer base. The successful marketing message needs to be seen, and seen in a certain way. Creating meaningful visibility -- being seen and being heard -- is the single greatest hurdle to successful sales growth and on-going business development today.
  • Credibility and Trust: the New Differentiator. The most crucial new reality is that unless a business or professional is seen as a trusted, credible advisor who solves problems for people and puts their needs ahead of what they are selling, they will fail to generate any significant response in the marketplace. Consumers today seek first and foremost to find someone they can trust.
For over 20 years, book publishing by small business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals has proven to be the single best marketing and income acceleration tool in the new economy. To succeed in sales or building any business or practice, marketing has to reflect the new realities. Marketing must:

  • Attract prospects to the business
  • Differentiate the business or professional from all others in the market
  • Get the business or professional in front of qualified and interested consumers and clients
  • Position "the face" of business as a trust advisor.
When these objectives are achieved, businesses experience dramatically lower marketing costs, shortened sales cycles, greatly increased repeat business, word-of-mouth sales growth, passionate customer loyalty, and a solid foundation for long term business development and a competitive advantage.

Competitive Advantage:
LifeSuccess Publishing
operates across the marketing and business coaching segments of the business services sector. We supply a dramatically different marketing solution for our clients and position ourselves against other approaches in the marketplace to growing businesses and professional practices. The mentors at LifeSuccess Publishing also function as trusted business coaches.
LifeSuccess Publishing enjoys an unmatched competitive advantage due to the focused and time-tested approach we take to helping our clients grow their businesses. Unlike marketing strategies based on conventional advertising or sales approaches, we are uniquely situated to assist the small business owner or professional in establishing a long-term basis for achieving key marketing objectives. We also offer clients a real relationship advantage. No other company offers the relationship that ensues with Bob Proctor, Gerry Robert and the whole team at LifeSuccess Publishing. This is a relationship with the highest paid marketing and wealth creation experts on the planet. Our competitors cannot duplicate the expertise and profile of Gerry Robert and Bob Proctor.



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