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Sign World Franchise

Sign World Franchise Information

Sign World Franchise Start-Up Costs

• Liquid Capital Required

Financing Available
• Yes, Via Third Party

Support &Training
• Yes


Sign World Franchise Image 1 

Leader in the No-Royalty Sign Business concept - With SIGNworld, you
own the Business entirely

SIGNworld is an organization of over 200 independently owned sign companies which provide commercial quality custom signs and banners. Usually, a small group of 30 clients provides 80% of the income. It's personable, creative and rewarding. It's ideal for people-oriented individuals who have the desire to learn how to manage the production and sale of signs.

"SIGNworld gave us the tools to meet and exceed all of our financial expectations."
- Jack & Linda W, Owners

Our Success

Our SIGNworld affiliates are a cut above most traditional sign companies. The ongoing support, training and latest equipment will leave the competition behind.

But most importantly, with SIGNworld, you own the business entirely. There are no royalties. We believe that as we step forward through the twenty-first century, the smart move of the future will be SIGNworld and the no-royalty concept.

Signs can be sassy, smart, bold, subtle, creative or simply informative. They can also be profitable and fun. SIGNworld has been a part of that profit and fun since 1988. With over 18 years in the business, SIGNworld has established itself as a leader in the no-royalty sign business concept.

Business Overview:

  • No royalties
  • No rules
  • Over 18 years in business
  • Over 200 stores nationwide
  • All types of indoor and outdoor signs
  • Business to business
  • Regular hours (Monday - Friday)
  • Repeat customer base - 80% of gross sales will come from less than 30 customers
  • Requires only 2-3 employees
  • Fully computerized
  • Requires 1200 to 1500 square ft of either storefront or clean industrial space
Your Sign Business Investment of $175,000

1. SIGNworld Package - $135,000

  • Equipment
  • Start-up Supply Package
  • Training - 3 weeks of Technical, Operational Marketing, Sales & On-the-job
  • Sales Training (first two years)
  • Point-of-sale, Accounting and Contact Management Hardware, Software and Training
  • Protected Territory of 3000 Businesses
  • Site Selection & Lease Negotiation
  • Design, Layout & Decoration Consulting
  • Ongoing Support
  • SIGNworld Fee
2. Startup Expenses - $20,000

  • Furniture
  • Outdoor Sign
  • Security Deposit
  • Phones/Fax/Copier
  • Printing
  • Insurance Premiums
  • Utility Hookups
3. Working Capital - $20,000

Our Support

SIGNworld's professional site selector will assist you in locating an optimal site. Traffic patterns, landmark location, parking and tenant mix are but a few of the factors our expert will evaluate when working with you.

We give you a protected territory consisting of approximately 3,000 businesses.

This territory is yours exclusively, and we will not sell or set up another sign company within this area. However, you are free to sell your signs anywhere.

After reviewing several acceptable sites with you, our specialist will handle the lease negotiation of your final selection.

"We love our location." - Dennis & Linda P, Owners

Next, we'll help you choose proven facility designs, space layouts, production flow systems and furniture settings. You decide on your own business name and logo. The final touches will also be yours, to decorate as you please. You are, after all, the Owner, but with the added benefit of SIGNworld's more than 18 years of experience to guide you along the way.

Ask any Signworld owner and they will tell you they are not a "signmaker". A Signworld owner hires signmakers.

They joined Signworld because it is a professional, B2B business with reasonable hours, low investment and minimal staffing requirements. Signworld is one of the fastest growing business organizations in a multi billion-dollar industry. Companies of every type and every size use signs, and the vast majority of those are disposable. 99% of all signs are indoors, not outdoors. The average life of a sign is less than 30 days. Retailers change their signs every month.

Signworld serves 100% of the sign industry requirements - anything from paper signs to vehicle wraps to large outdoor signs. It is a business that thrives on repeat customers and the ability to grow accounts within large corporate clients or retail chains. Signworlds are "commercial sign companies" which service customers such as: Subway, Great Clips, Ford Motor, Hewlett-Packard, and Coca-Cola, all who need large quantities of signs every month.

Many Signworld owners begin their operation in 1200-1500 square feet of either an industrial or strip center, and migrate to an expanded office park or light industrial location after just a few years. Ultimately, 90% of revenue is generated by a small number of large corporate and commercial clients - usually around 10 to 30 customers. Signworld is not a franchise - thus there are No Royalties and No Rules usually associated with a franchise models. While Signworld owners run their business the way they want to, they benefit from one of the most comprehensive programs of training and ongoing support in the industry. Beyond initial training, each owner has a Signworld business coach who provides weekly guidance and assistance over a 2-year period. Signworld owners also enjoy ongoing peer-to-peer support through communication with their fellow Signworld owners to share ideas on sales, marketing, production and other aspects of the business.

Backgrounds of some Signworld Owners who make over $250,000 annual personal income -- net after ALL expenses -- all with only 1 location open 5 days per week:

  • College Student - no previous job
  • Truck Driver- Freight Company
  • Banker
  • Teacher - Elementary School
  • Wine Salesman
  • Advertising Agent
  • Security Alarm Company Owner
  • Mfg. Production Manager
  • Handyman at $25 per hour rate
  • Convenience Store Owner
  • Nurse
  • Food Broker
  • Corporate IT Manager
  • Hotel Manager
  • Metal Fabricator - Pipes
  • CPA
A few recent examples of Signworld owner's performance:

  • Greg Kyler, Modesto, CA runs a million dollar gross sales operation in a town with less than 200,000 population.
  • George and Erin Beitner, Escondido, CA. tells us that $100,000 per year of his $650,000 volume comes from the US Marine Corp and is paid by credit card.
  • Steve and Sandy Burkett, Pittsburgh, PA after only 6 months in business are having $30,000 months and are doing some large projects for the Pittsburgh Pirates.
  • Jim Metzger, Phillipsburg, New Jersey , 14 months in business, had his largest customer introduce him to an ad agency that will do approximately $120,000 with him this year, part of his plan to double his business from last year's totals.
  • Sam Haigh, Red Bank, New Jersey, achieved $383,000 gross sales in his first year and is on track for over $500,000 in his second year, at a 20% to 30% profit margin.
Take the first step to owning your own business and complete our online form today. There is no obligation and the information provided is completely confidential and will not be shared with a third party.



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