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The Drug Test Consultant Franchise

The Drug Test Consultant Franchise Information

The Drug Test Consultant Franchise Start-Up Costs

• Liquid Capital Required

Financing Available
• No

Support &Training
• Yes


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Our Mission and Your Mission

We work together in a true partnership to help others. Our clients are the victims of drug abuse in their families and the workplace and they are first and foremost in our hearts and minds. What could be better than truly serving others and making our communities a better place to live? It is often said and we believe it to be an absolute truth: Find work that is meaningful and that you enjoy---and the financial success will come.


The fact is that year after year illegal substance abuse is growing in the workplace and within our families. Efforts by government, places of worship, and community based initiatives have failed to stem the problem in the past, and sadly, will do no better in the future. The timing for the services offered by DTC is impeccable and the need is only going to grow in the future.

DTC Services

Drug Detection Assessments Workplace Drug Testing Hair Follicle Drug Testing Home Drug Testing Steroid Testing Instant Drug Test Supply Distribution Background Checks

DTC Business Program Components

  • Complete training and DTC Associate certification
  • Your own website and email address
  • Professional presentation materials and brochures
  • Below wholesale pricing of all testing materials
  • Ongoing mentoring and support
  • Participation in the DTC "Summit Marketing System" & "Platinum Hot Leads" Program for DTC Executive Associates per the DTC "Take Action" Bonus
  • No franchise fees or ongoing royalties--- you keep what you earn
  • Supply inventory to generate immediate income potential
  • Access to all DTC future technologies
  • Personalized radio commercial for your market upon request (Executive Associate Program per the terms of the "Take Action" Bonus)
  • Press release to introduce your business in your community (Executive Program per the terms of the "Take Action" Bonus)
The Marketing

Not only does The Drug Test Consultant (DTC) offer a superb suite of drug testing services, Executive Associates of DTC will participate in the "Summit" Marketing System and "Platinum Hot Lead Program". Imagine having people interested in what you have to offer waiting for your call. In marketing parlance, it just doesn't get much better than that. No cold calls or door knocking to enjoy the potential of a six figure income.

The Solution

There are two major components involved in helping to solve the problem. 1.) It is said, and it is true, that knowledge is power. DTC and our team of Associates enable businesses and parents to KNOW if the problem exists. 2.) Together, as a team, DTC and our Associates can educate and empower people to make the critical changes necessary to begin solving the problem.


Technological advances in the drug testing arena are rapid and ever changing. Today, through a state of the art technology developed in conjunction with a strategic alliance partner of DTC, a "swipe" using a special tissue on any surface, such as a computer keyboard, will allow us to immediately know if drug residue is present on the surface being tested. The employee or child does not have to be present during testing. Imagine the benefit to employers and families. Through the auspices of DTC and DTC Certified Associates, the knowledge needed to address the problem is quickly brought to the forefront and properly addressed. One of two things will occur: 1.) Peace of mind. The best possible news is that no illegal substances were detected and we are able to offer peace of mind to our client, or 2.) The need for further testing. In today's workplace and home environment, we are finding evidence of drug usage in a huge number of cases. We are able to assist our clients wi th further testing through an alliance network of over 7000 laboratories to verify results. DTC Associates enjoy the benefits of repeat business and many referrals. It's a business that just grows and grows.

The Workplace Drug Problem---The Need

The effects of drug abuse in the workplace can be measured in many ways. Dollars lost in increased workers compensation premiums, medical costs, employee production and theft are virtually incalculable, but estimated to be in the billions of dollars every year.

Our Children and Families---The Need

There isn't a one of us that hasn't witnessed the devastation of seeing bright children; good students begin a spiraling descent into drug induced behaviors. The cost is far beyond dollars to the families who watch their most beloved treasures slip away. How do we put a price tag on that kind of despair and hopelessness?


Beyond being financially qualified for the DTC opportunity, we seek only individuals of high ethical standards who are committed to excellence and caring in service to their communities. DTC is not the appropriate business model for everybody and like you; we are selective in our choice of the people to whom we will award a DTC Certified Associate Program or DTC Certified Executive Associate program.

It is not possible in this limited space to garner a complete understanding of the DTC opportunity. For further information, please fill out the Request for Information form below. You will immediately receive an email with our website address and contact phone number. We will be pleased to discuss the DTC business model with you fully and answer all of your questions.



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