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Zoom Room Dog Agility Franchise

Zoom Room Dog Agility Franchise Information

Zoom Room Dog Agility Franchise Start-Up Costs


The Only Brick-and-Mortar Dog Training Franchise In The U.S.


The philosophy behind the Zoom Room is simple: We dig dogs. We think it's great to share our social lives with dogs, and now we can. We believe that trained dogs are happier and healthier, lead better lives than untrained ones, and enhance the lives of everyone around them. So we've created a training system that is effective but easy, and developed an environment where dogs and their owners can have an amazing time.

Our training methods are based on scientifically-proven positive reinforcement. We've carefully constructed a step-by-step curriculum to make learning intuitive and fun, because teaching your dog to pick up his toys or ride a skateboard is pretty cool. We also believe it's important to have a great time with dogs and their owners while running a green business.

The Zoom Room, conceived as a franchise from its very inception, was created to be the ideal turnkey dog business by Jaime Van Wye, the leading national pet boarding consultant and the Dog Day Care Chair of the Pet Care Services Association. As an unrivaled expert in the creation of dog service businesses, Jaime designed the Zoom Room as a streamlined, fun-filled business that incorporates everything great about working with dogs, while eliminating the countless headaches that come with dog boarding, dog day care and grooming businesses.

Because there is no element of boarding or grooming, dogs are never left alone at the Zoom Room, and thus the liability issues facing dog day care franchises are removed from the equation since the customer is always there, taking charge of his or her own dog. And, unlike in-home dog training franchises, in which a solved problem often means the end of a client, by building an exciting and varied curriculum, the Zoom Room enjoys terrific client retention, with owners and their dogs quickly growing addicted to the classes and to the facility.

Dog owners love the diversity of classes and are proud and happy to frequent the Zoom Room as regulars, in the company of their dogs, enjoying a sense of membership to this unique Canine Social Club. With its emphasis on dog agility, the Zoom Room is ahead of the pack celebrating the fastest-growing dog sport in the nation, branding it, and creating a sporty gym-like environment that appeals to young, upscale dog owners with an active lifestyle and accompanying spending habits.

We are absolutely confident that you will be utterly impressed by our ability to offer you a business that is way more fun and appealing than that of our competitors, and at a fraction of the cost.


The Zoom Room offers far more than just dog training classes! As a training center and Canine Social Club, you will become the absolute epicenter in your community for all wonderful dog-related events and activities:

  • Group Classes - in addition to agility, we offer obedience, dog tricks, puppy preschool, therapy dog training, and a wide range of innovative specialty classes you won't find anywhere else, like Pup-latesTM and classes for shy or hyperactive dogs.
  • Private Dog Training Lessons - for dogs (and owners) who require a bit more dedicated attention.
  • Drop-in Structured Playtime/Indoor Dog Park - in rain, sleet, snow, hail, or glaring sun, the ZoomRoom remains a safe and perfect place for dogs to play.
  • Retail Sales of select pet merchandise - not the usual fare you'd find at Big Box pet stores, the Zoom Room serves as a unique boutique of the highest quality treats, training toys, organic pet food, and other fun stuff.
  • Rentals by individuals and groups - breed meet-up groups, community organizations, or anyone who'd love to have the place all to themselves.
  • Events - dog birthday parties, Bark Mitzvahs, children's parties, charity events - canine catering at its best!
  • Refreshments - beverages and treats for dogs and their owners, including Kobe beef hot dogs, and soft-serve peanut butter ice cream with crushed liver topping (for the dogs, of course!)
  • Rentals by area dog trainers - let your competitors pay you for the privilege to seem more professional to their clients by conducting their private trainings in your dedicated, expertly-equipped training facility.
  • Educational seminars for the community: special classes for kids, expectant mothers, folks interested in therapy dog work, and much more.


If you've looked at other pet franchises, you've heard the same statistics over and over about the pet industry and all the billions of dollars it's worth. That's great, but it includes dog food, vet bills, and other stuff that won't apply to a service-based pet franchise. So we've taken the time to specifically examine the pet service industry.

Specifically: dog training and pet care expenditures have increased from $5.2 billion to $6.9 billion within the past three years with major growth now predicted for the next five years. According to BusinessWeek, "Pet services is one of the fastest-growing [sectors] in the pet industry, jumping 8 to 12% per year."

Despite our nation's current economic woes, the pet services industry continues to flourish. According to Forbes Magazine, "An astounding 92% of pet owners spent the same or more on their pets during the most recent recession period. Many pet owners are even forgoing luxuries in their own lives in order to make sure their pets are living in the lap of luxury." Financial experts at Forbes now widely tout the pet industry as "apparently immune to recession."

For the last few years, Entrepreneur Magazine has been consistently ranking pet franchises on its annual franchise hotlists. In 2009, they specifically single out pet service franchises. Here's what they have to say: "In tough times, pet owners tend to scrimp on pet toys and products, but they still shell out the dough to ensure that their pets stay healthy and happy. While growth in the pet retail sector seems to have come to a standstill, franchises offering pet services like training, day care and grooming are at the head of the pack."


  • Exceptionally Well-Researched
  • Excellent Service & Support
  • Shift to Client Liability
  • Emphasis on Agility
  • Cutting Edge Curriculum
  • Phenomenal Client Retention
  • Proprietary Equipment
  • Ease of Operation
  • Savvy Modern Branding
  • Hip Upscale Atmosphere
  • Focused Retail Revenue
  • Strong Internet Presence
  • Media Friendly
  • Eye Candy for Passersby
  • Alternative to Dog Parks
  • Member Loyalty & Pride of Place
  • Diverse and Complementary Revenue Streams
  • Opportunities for Growth & Expansion
  • Low Starting Costs


When you become a Zoom Room franchisee, you can count on us to leap through countless hoops for you! Here's a quick overview of the service and support you will receive from our talented, experienced core staff:

  • Smart Branding - Use of the Zoom Room name, logo and snazzy interior design.
  • Cutting Edge Curriculum - We're pioneers in innovative new training classes, and even our "traditional" classes such as obedience, agility and puppy preschool are chock full of proprietary games and techniques. You will benefit from having a curriculum unlike that of any of your neighborhood competitors.
  • Training the Trainers - We really shine at taking people with a love for dogs but no prior experience and turning them into professional trainers. We provide a comprehensive online classroom, followed by three full weeks on hands-on live training. You'll learn to troubleshoot all the inevitabilities of the dog world: difficult owners, aggressive dogs, hyperactive or hand-shy dogs, and, of course, "stage mothers."
  • Online Video Library - We've created our own proprietary video training library - an easy-to-follow system for brushing up on a vast range of training techniques. You and your staff have 24/7 access to this library, and it will provide an especially great orientation to any new trainers you bring on board.
  • Easy-to-Use Manuals - We've taken great pains to make sure that our Operations Manual and our Curriculum Guide are incredibly easy-to-use, straightforward, and well-indexed to help you find all the answers you need in a flash.
  • Periodic Visits - We come to you. We'll sit down to discuss any questions you may have about optimizing your retail section, enhancing the number of facility rentals, training your new staff on the software, showing you the latest tips and tricks of the trade we have to share. Whatever you need.
  • Ready to Go Website - A stunning, easy-to-navigate website is all yours. No programming is necessary - we take care of everything. Your clients can contact you directly, sign up for classes online, book private trainings, and much more. You can even upload news and photos of your exciting events. When dog owners in your area search for dog agility training, the Zoom Room will appear at the top of the search results.
  • Sterling Software - We have a fully-streamlined software system unlike any other in the business. You'll have state-of-the-art bar code scanners for retail products, an automatic ID check-in system with sleek member cards for your customers and their dogs, and all of this interfaced with accounting, inventory management, payroll, scheduling, enrollments, reporting, you name it. Our software makes it easy for you to run all day-to-day operations, track potential leads, stay in contact with your customers, keep track of all schedules, and maximize client growth and retention. This same software allows your clients to manage their own schedules, enroll in new classes, sign up for special events, and much more - all from the comfort of their own homes via the internet. Our system features gift cards, automated check-in, instant class rosters, and loads of other bells and whistles we'll be happy to tell you about.
  • Location Vetting - Unlike dog day cares and kennels which require very specific and often hard-to-find retail space due to zoning laws, a Zoom Room, because it does not include any boarding component, is far easier to situate in your area. We can provide you with resources to help you find just the right home for your Zoom Room.
  • Advertising and Marketing Campaigns - We have developed tried and tested online advertising campaigns that are yours to run with. We also provide you with templates for fliers, brochures and business cards you can personalize and distribute in your area. We also provide you with Press Releases for you to customize and disseminate.
  • Newsletters - You'll receive special quarterly newsletters from us, keeping you abreast of new developments, and some of the innovative events or activities taking place at other Zoom Room locations around the country. (Of course, we hope to feature your location in the Newsletter, too!) In addition, we will provide you with templates for newsletters you can send out monthly, quarterly, or as needed to your own members.
  • Ongoing Training - All of the world's best teachers know that learning never ends. We've been training dogs forever, and yet not a day goes by that we don't pick up some new insight, technique, or modification. Recognizing this, we make sure that all of our franchisees receive ongoing training. If there's a better way to get a dog to stop counter-surfing, or to bring you a latte, we want to make sure you know all about it, so you can share it with your clients and their eager-to-learn dogs.


An ideal Zoom Room owner is:

  • Hard Working
  • A People Person
  • A Dog Lover
  • A Great Problem Solver
  • Financially Stable
  • Knowledgeable About the Dog Community
  • Attentive to Detail



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